[VIDEO] 750 HP BMW M3 Competition xDrive Unleashes Its Fury

The BMW M3 Competition xDrive is a true beast. With a GT-R-esque knack for taming the road and delivering staggering performance, its 503 horsepower seems underrated. But what about a leap to 750 horsepower? This AutoTopNL video reveals it as an utter powerhouse, an absolute beast unleashed.

This new video showcases an M3 Competition xDrive tuned by Pure Turbos, renowned for their high-powered creations. As a 2023 model, it sports the latest interior features, including iDrive 8. Yet, the absolute marvel lies under the hood. Enhanced turbos and tuning rocket its output to an astounding 750 horsepower. Plus, it features a beefed-up exhaust system. It emits a deeper, grittier roar than the standard and houses a freer-flowing catalytic converter.

This M3 Competition xDrive combines an all-wheel drive with an eight-speed automatic, the only choice at hand. And that’s vital. In the past, a 750-horsepower M3 would tear up its rear tires. However, with all-wheel drive now, it masterfully delivers power, reaching impressive speeds. The automatic transmission also helps, seamlessly enhancing the engine’s performance. Picture this with 750 horsepower! Granted, manual transmissions have enthusiasts, yet an eight-speed automatic works like a dream with such a strong engine, particularly after tuning.

This M3 Competition xDrive is a test vehicle from Pure Turbos, fine-tuning the car’s state of tune. Hence, it might get even better soon. It’s unclear if this tune will apply to regular M3s or how much power they would yield. Once finalized, Pure Turbos plans to offer this tuning package to M3 Competition owners.

The car also sports a striking specification. Typically, enthusiasts don’t favour Aventurine Red for sporty cars, as they view it more fitting for luxurious models like the 7 Series. However, this one looks impressive, with its black wheels and yellow headlights complementing the red perfectly.

This M3 Competition is unique, deviating from the traditional M car vibe, yet shines in its way. It’s remarkably aggressive, serving up speed with efficiency. With its all-wheel drive, it ensures relentless grip and precise steering. Earlier, ramping up the M3’s power risked killing its character, but today, it enhances it.

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