BMW’s M3 GT4 Custom is Sedan Wildness Defined

Enhancing the M3’s performance, BMW unveiled the CS model this year, boasting carbon fibre and heightened power. Yet, the “GT4” custom build outshines it. Originally an Isle of Man Green G80, the owner perfected this sedan.

Drawing inspiration from BMW’s M4 GT3 and GT4 racers, the saloon boasts a full body wrap. It now features a sleek body redesign; featherweight forged wheels, a rear wing, and striking yellow daytime lights. Beyond aesthetics, hybrid turbos revamp its S58 engine, boosting its power to a remarkable 900 hp at the wheels. Performance meets style.

This rear-wheel-drive car stands out for its six-speed manual transmission and clutch pedal. With immense power directed to the rear axle, it promises exhilarating drives. However, its propensity to swing its tail might add a thrill.

BMW might never craft an M3 as audacious as this custom design, but the aftermarket realm eagerly steps in. In Munich, efforts are underway on an official electric high-performance sedan, heralding a new M3 era. Yet, enthusiasts can rest easy; the petrol-driven variant and its 3.0-litre twin-turbo engine are here to stay. BMW’s M division commits to the inline-six and V8 engines until 2030.

Leaked photos reveal BMW’s work on a Life Cycle Impulse for the M3. The M3 Touring and M4 Coupe/Convertible are anticipated to embrace the LCI upgrade, set for a 2024 release.

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