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BMW i5 M60 Touring: U.S. Misses 5 Series’ Best

Come spring 2024, BMW gears up to unveil the fresh 5 Series Touring. Global previews suggest it’s primed for centre stage. With BMW’s versatile CLAR blueprint, the 5 Series Touring offers diverse drivetrains upon its debut. Impressively, the BMW i5 M60 Touring will headline this series, departing from the traditional V8 of past models.

While many anticipated the electric sedan’s counterpart, BMW’s choice to exclude the electric touring model from the U.S. market raises eyebrows. Sources indicate that BMW currently has no intent to market any 5 Series Touring models in the U.S. Now, the G99 BMW M5 Touring stands as the only touring model available in the U.S., a move likely to satisfy many.

Like its sedan counterpart, the BMW i5 M60 will feature twin motors and an xDrive all-wheel-drive system, delivering a remarkable 590 horsepower (601 PS) and 549 lb-ft of torque. With Sport Boost/Launch Control, expect a brisk 0 to 60 mph in less than 3.7 seconds. Even though it’s slightly heavier, we predict its electric range to mirror the sedan’s: 455-516 kilometers (WLTP).

Apart from its evident wagon form, the i5 Touring closely mirrors the i5 sedan in design. Its taillights differ from the sedan’s, leaning more towards the 3 Series Touring look. Traditionally, we expect the rear window to open independently from the tailgate for BMW wagons.

Up front, the BMW 5 Series and i5 Touring will sport modern, sleek headlamps and sealed kidney grilles. These grilles are subbed with black panels, akin to the i4 and iX. Additionally, the car boasts the flush-style Hofmeister Kink handles, identical to the i5 sedan.

Inside, expect a mirror image of the sedan, featuring sport seats, an M Sports steering wheel, an iDrive 8.5-powered curved screen, and diverse trim and leather choices, with vegan alternatives. The rear seating should offer more space compared to the i5 Sedan.

From March 2024, the BMW 5 Series Touring and i5 Touring production will run until 2031. After which, the Neue Klasse vehicle generation will succeed the 5 Series lineup.

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