BMW M3 Touring and Rumored M4 Shooting Brake

BMW enthusiasts have waited long for the news of the official BMW M3 Touring. The German automaker never made a long-room M3 before despite the calls from fans. Yet, BMW now begins producing a proper M3 wagon, and it is on its way. So, several car guys and enthusiasts made renders of a potential BMW M4 Shooting Brake. And, this render from Sugar Design just looks fascinating.

BMW M3 Touring and Rumored M4 Shooting Brake

These renders showcase what both the M3 Touring and M4 Shooting Brake might look like. It is pretty much guaranteed that the M3 Touring might look like what it is in this render. From what we have seen from official teasers of its back end, it is most likely that the M3 Touring will look this way. And, that is the only part that is going to differ from the current M3 sedan. So, that leaves the M4 Shooting Brake as the only speculation here.

Fans would be thinking twice about which one to get if the M4 Shooting Brake would look something like this. Not only does it look good, with its impressive C-pillar-mounted BMW Roundels and its hatchback body style. Just the idea of it is fascinating. The only car that may match the Shooting Brake with its performance, practicality, and seating would be the Ferarri GTC4 Lusso.

If both these cars were real and future M owners are into a more practical M car, then the M3 Touring would be a better option. Many would still want to get the M3 Touring. This BMW M3 Touring has a larger trunk and can have more people in it. Yet, if customers do not need the extra space but want more usability over the standard M4 Coupe, then there is the M4 Shooting Brake.

However, all of these are still speculations. There will not be a BMW M4 Shooting Brake. Is it possible to get a future-gen M4 like this one? As for this M4, do not expect to see one. Yet, the M3 Touring would still be there, and it is something to wait to get your hands on.

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