Efforts in developing an Electric Vehicle Lightweight Architecture

Gordon Murray is a South African-born British. He is also the designer of the McLaren F1, which is said to be one of the most exotic models in the history of BMW. It has been more than ten years since Murray has become involved with BMW, but some car enthusiasts still adore his works. The Mclaren F1 made by Murray uses a BMW M engine developed by the late legendary Paul Roche. With the McLaren F1 success, BMW fans love the work of Murray and are looking for more. In line with this is his entry to the electric vehicle chassis, which his fans find fascinating. Murray said that the future of the automotive industry will be more exciting. He finds it essential to design efficient, and advanced EVs with lightweight architecture.

Efforts in Developing an Electric Vehicle Lightweight Architecture

Gordon Murray is currently the head of GMA (Gordon Murray Automotive). With his business expanding, he added GME (Gordon Murray Electric) and GMD (Gordon Murray Design) to GMG (Gordon Murray Group). It is a larger company that he manages. GMG will be investing £300 million in developing a new R&D facility. In all matters that it covers, it includes architecture.

Gordon Murray said that the electric vehicle chassis can be made lightweight and it will utilize the use of new technologies and techniques. The Mclaren F1 is the fastest car in the world and also came from the ’90s. Known for its remarkable performance, the McLaren F1 has been the basis for all supercars for decades. Furthermore, Murray is also working on a new model called GMA T.50 now.

“Much of our learning about advanced lightweight materials and construction from the T.50 will play a key role in the electric vehicles that we develop. But we are not abandoning internal combustion power,” says Murray. “We will continue to create the pinnacle of driver’s cars – with V12 petrol power as long as the regulations allow and in future we will develop our own hybrid and electric powertrains.”

Some car enthusiasts believe that Murray is going soft in electricity. Yet, there is no reason to be afraid. His newly designed model GMA T.50 with having a powerful engine and fastest revving engine is the proof of that.

Murray should take on what the team learned with the T.50. Improving it further and applying it to an electric powertrain at a reasonable price would probably help revolutionize the electric vehicle the way he did the supercar. That would also mean exciting news and something to wait for car enthusiasts and fans. Of course, who would not want a lightweight architecture on their vehicles?

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