G87 BMW M2 Will Not Get An All-Wheel Drive Configuration

BMW engineers have confirmed that the G87 BMW M2 will not get an all-wheel-drive configuration. This also applies to the launch model in 2023. In addition, BMW did not plan an all-wheel drive for the rest of the M2 models.

G87 BMW M2 Will Not Get An All-Wheel Drive Configuration

So what is BMW M’s decision to forgo an M xDrive for the new M2? The answer is pretty much obvious. It is because of the model’s weight. In fact, the new G87 BMW 2 is heavier than its F87 M2 predecessor.

First, the M2 is built on the CLAR platform. This is the same platform for the M240i, M4, and all other rear-wheel-drive models. Therefore, the car already has a heavy foundation. In comparison, the RWD M240i weighs 3,519 lbs. Its xDrive model weighs 3,871 lbs. This weight is acceptable with the M240i since the M Performance model is a daily driver. Although, of course, M2 can be both a daily driver and a track machine.

On the other hand, the G87 M2 is fit as a performance-oriented bimmer. Still, as an M2, it can also act as an everyday sportscar. All thanks to its Comfort mode.

Another reason for this decision is that BMW M2 belongs to the competitive segment. This means that every gram of weight is important. An xDrive feature might sound good for those living in snow-prone places. But for customers who desire an edgy sports coupe, this doesn’t sound ideal.

G87 BMW M2 Will Not Get An All-Wheel Drive Configuration

Also, if BMW will go against proper Porsche products, it needs a more powerful model. Having an xDrive might inconvenience the M2’s competitive nature. Certainly, the new G87 BMW M2 already has a great power-to-weight ratio. Thus, adding extra weight will require a change in power. And this will lead to a drastic change in the new M2.

Overall, the upcoming M2 is already perfect.

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