[VIDEO] Top 5 Features of the New BMW i7

The top 5 features of the new BMW i7 are presented in this new video. Carina Gartner, Head of Product Management BMW 7 Series, explained these exciting traits.

BMW totally renewed its new flagship inside and out. These changes ensured that the new i7 can compete with the Mercedes S-Class. Not to mention it needs to complete with its EQS electric alternative as well.

Of course, not everyone is happy with the BMW i7’s exterior. And that’s understandable considering its polarizing design. However, its technology and interior quality are impressive. Enough to make enthusiasts forget about its exterior.

Its interior is the finest in the history of BMW. Thus, it is not surprising that most of the top features come from the cabin. For example, the leather quality of the seats, dashboard, and the steering wheel is top-notch. The aluminum Bowers& Wilkins speaker grilles contrasting the leather door panels looks amazing. In addition, the wood inlay on the dash is so stunning.

One of the top 5 features of the new BMW i7 is the “Interaction Bar”. This is a lighted bar of trim that surrounds the front cabin. It displays various lights with different functions. Owners can customize this cool bar to display whatever color they want.

Then it also has door panel touchscreens for the rear passengers. This has different controls such as climate controls and sunshades. It can even control the optional 31-inch theater screen.

These are just some of the features we love about the new i7. As expected, most of it is part of the interior. But some fans might have a different opinion about the exterior. Of course, there are those who still love how the i7 looks. Check out the video straight from Berlin and tell us what you think about the new i7!

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