2023 BMW M2 Turns Heads with Hot Wheels Wrap

During the recent BimmerFest Europe event at Raceway Venray, the first BMW M2 G87 received a custom makeover. The arrival of the M2 G87 in the Netherlands was officially celebrated. Absolute Motors showcased the sports coupe, featuring Sapphire Black paint and a partial wrap in matte pyrite gold. The Hot Wheels livery inspired this. It’s complemented by a matching set of 20-inch HRE FF21 wheels, replacing the original alloys.

Astute readers will observe the commemorative BMW roundel, introduced last year to celebrate the M division’s 50th anniversary. The iconic emblem accompanies the “world’s most powerful letter,” which had a momentous year in 2022. In addition to the highly anticipated M2, the performance arm unveiled notable models such as the M3 Touring. This includes the extreme M4 CSL, the controversial XM plug-in hybrid SUV, and the exclusive 3.0 CSL.

Despite its increased size and weight, the M2 retains its hallmark features of an inline-six engine. This also goes with the manual transmission and rear-wheel drive, avoiding electrification. BMW has equipped the new M with various M Performance components. It carries two unique matte paint options: Frozen Pure Grey and Frozen Portimao Blue. The aftermarket community has already been bustling with activity, transforming the G87 into a striking spectacle.

Testing is underway for an upcoming M2 CS or a comparable model, which is worth noting for those with patience and a larger budget, expected to arrive in 2025 or later. Anticipated to deliver over 500 horsepower, the M2 CS will feature an integrated trunk lid spoiler inspired by the CSL edition. However, rumours suggest that BMW may offer the higher-performance variant exclusively with an automatic transmission.

The M2’s 3.0-litre S58 twin-turbo engine, which shares components with the larger M4, boasts tremendous tuning potential. In fact, aftermarket packages have pushed the six-cylinder engine’s output to nearly 700 hp. Such high figures may seem excessive for a small, rear-wheel-drive car, but we’re confident some daring owners will embrace the thrill of piloting a tail-happy vehicle.

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