BMW Admits M2 G87 Among Last Pure Gasoline Models

BMW’s announcement that the M2 G87 will be one of their last pure gasoline models has sparked discussions about their future. With the shift towards electric vehicles (EVs) gaining momentum in the auto industry, this announcement has not surprised many. However, what does this mean for BMW enthusiasts and the automotive industry?

The announcement has raised concerns about the future of BMW’s M Division, which is known for its performance-oriented vehicles. BMW’s move towards electrification will change the nature of the M Division’s high-performance vehicles. Fans will have to adapt to these changes, which could mean a shift in the type of customers BMW attracts.

BMW’s decision to move towards electrification is not a new one. BMW has invested in EV technology for years and offers the i3 and iX models. BMW’s shift towards electrification aligns with sustainability goals and growing demand for eco-friendly vehicles.

The move towards electrification will significantly impact the automotive industry as a whole. To stay competitive, automakers must shift focus to EVs as many countries plan to ban gas and diesel vehicles. BMW’s announcement indicates that the company is taking this shift seriously and is committed to adapting to the changing market.

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