BMW i7 Introduces Max Range Mode for Better Efficiency

The i7 M70 now features a Max Range driving option for enhanced efficiency, soon extending to the i7 xDrive60. BMW designed this mechanism for unexpected situations where charging isn’t possible, like broken charging stations. Activating this mode can increase the range by 15% to 25%, as per the German luxury automaker.

To extract more miles from the 101.7-kWh battery pack, certain compromises are necessary. Don’t anticipate miraculous results. For example, the full power of both electric motors isn’t accessible and speeds over 56 mph (90 km/h) are off-limits. In Max Range mode, climate control deactivates, and rear window heating minimizes. Also, seat ventilation and heating shut off, and steering wheel heating follows suit.

BMW states that activating Max Range is possible via the rotary dial, voice commands, or the iDrive 8.5 touchscreen. Once enabled, the digital instrument cluster updates speed and power gauges accordingly. The trip computer then estimates the remaining range, including the added distance. However, the function turns off if you use M Sport Boost, accelerate rapidly in first gear, or fully crank up the windscreen ventilation.

The Munich-based automaker hasn’t specified if the feature is exclusive to new cars or available for existing i7 xDrive60 models via an over-the-air (OTA) update. Given the straightforward configuration changes, it’s plausible that an OTA update could bring Max Range to current vehicles.

Logically, incorporating this feature into other BMW EVs could prove beneficial when battery levels run low. However, drivers can manually turn off these features and gently press the accelerator to extend range, even without this mode in critical situations.

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