[VIDEO] The BMW M440i and Mustang Bullitt on a Track Battle

In this new video from Sport Auto, the BMW M440i surprises us with what it can do on the track. This time, it is against the Ford Mustang Bullitt. While many would laugh at what the Ford Mustang can do, this latest generation brings something new. Accordingly, it is actually an impressive sports car. Considering that it arrives in V8/manual-spec, this American pony car is definitely more fun to drive on the road. However, it’s a different case when it performs on the track.

A track battle between the BMW M440i xDrive and the Mustang presumably shows the defeat of the Bimmer. The M440i carries approximately 100 less horsepower and is also nearly 200 lbs heavier. Thus, an advantage is set to be owned by the Ford Mustang Bullitt. However, we can expect a new case on this new video.

A cockpit view of a lap of the BMW M440i and the Mustang shows a possibly fair track battle. While both vehicles were equipped with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires, the surprise happens with the handling. The BMW M440i gains the largest advantage with its chassis. Its grippy all-wheel drive and quicker-shifting ZF eight-speed transmission gearbox also adds up to the game.

On the road, the Mustang already proves itself. However, the Hockenheim shows how its chassis has its weaknesses when challenged on a technical track. Its tendency to get screwy under braking and its snappy oversteer when exiting corners prove this notion. The case is different for the BMW M400i, however. It also performs quite well on the road, but even better on track. Surprisingly, the M440i has tidier manners, more stable braking, and sharper turn-in.

At Hockenheim, the hardwired chassis advantages of the BMW M440i proves that it’s a second faster than the Mustang. Nevertheless, the Mustang is a proven comfy road companion. As for the BMW M440i, its impressive six-speed manual and delicious V8 makes it a great companion on track.

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