ALPINA XB7: The Ultimate Luxury Powerhouse SUV

The video reviews of the XB7 we’ve seen so far are all focused on its power and performance. In this new video from Shmee150, we are granted the chance to see the ALPINA XB7 up close and personal. Check out this new video to know more about the likeable features of the ALPINA XB7.

We know how fast and how capable it is. It’s an ALPINA, to be exact. However, seeing it up close and personal allows you to appreciate its interior, leather quality, wood trims, and other subtle luxury features.

In terms of visual interior design, the ALPINA XB7 isn’t a huge distinction from the BMW X7. It showcases a similar appearance to the standard X7 (which is to say, it’s very nice). There are no additional features. It also boasts of a first-class cabin with its finely crafted wood trim and the multifunction steering wheel wrapped with Lavina Leather.

Aside from aesthetics, this vehicle is also set to impress you with its driving performance. An ALPINA’s driving style has an oily smoothness about it. All of its sensors, like steering, throttle, and braking, sound like well-oiled machines, similar to a rifle’s well-polished bolt action. It’s really beautiful.

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