The BMW Neue Klasse Entirely Electrified

BMW recently announced that it would be developing a new architecture design to underpin its future BMW EVs – the BMW “Neue Klasse.” Its name came from the classic game changer Neue Klasse back in the ’60s that changed BMW’s image. Bringing back the Neue Klasse name is for the hope that it will do the same. However, a lot of confusion arises with the said architecture.

The BMW Neue Klasse Entirely Electrified

The German automaker would be developing an architecture that can accommodate both internal combustion and pure EVs. Hearing the “Power of Choice” architecture of BMW brought confusion to many. BMW is also working on a pure EV platform, from what we all heard, and switching to pure EVs is a good move. However, BMW introduces the Neue Klasse right after learning about the development of a pure EV platform. Its architecture is for electrifying the Neue Klasse and offering space for internal combustion as well. Recent announcements made a lot of confusion to the fans leaving them scratching their heads.

The BMW Neue Klasse Entirely Electrified 1

BMW CEO Oliver Zipse clarifies the matter stating that the Neue Klasse is entirely electric. Only that there will still be room for plug-in hybrids with gasoline engines. It is for electrifying the rear axle of all future Neue Klasse cars. The back axle will be powering the Neue Klasse with an electric motor. Regardless of being an EV, a hybrid, rear-wheel, or all-wheel drive, it remains electric.

The whole idea of the Neue Klasse is the making of hybrid cars. Certain cars offer gasoline engines upfront to help power the front wheels, thus making it a hybrid. Zipse says that the reason for hybrid vehicles is due to lacking the ability to use pure EVs. Such markets lack the charging infrastructure to accommodate pure EVs. It also did not remove the hydrogen fuel power for the Neue Klasse.

BMW is not ditching the traditional internal combustion engine but rather more in favor of EVs. The BMW Neue Klasse is how it does it.

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