[VIDEO] 2023 BMW M2 Goes Noir

The new BMW M2 invites mixed opinions. Fans appreciate its pure inline-six engine, devoid of electrification, and its rear-wheel-driving, six-speed manual transmission. However, it also boasts twin tablet-like screens and carries extra size and weight compared to its F87 predecessor.

For those torn between style and performance, the all-black G87 might be the answer. A new video from a Swiss dealer showcases an M2 in Sapphire Black. It features Shadowline enhancements, dark wheels, and 50th anniversary M emblems. The only pops of colour come from the red brake callipers. Inside, the black theme continues, broken only by subtle touches of the three M colours.

While the new M2 comes with an optional manual shift, this specific model features an eight-speed Tiptronic transmission. Based on location, BMW offers the clutch pedal as an extra or free option. However, you likely can’t pick the gearbox for the upcoming M2 CS. Reportedly set for a 2025 launch, this hotter model will only feature a two-pedal setup.

The M2 G87’s likely status as the last M model to resist hybridization and retain a three-pedal setup could boost its sales. On the upside, it’s slated for a long production run, ending in July 2029, say insiders. Meanwhile, BMW will likely introduce new colours, the anticipated CS variant, and possibly xDrive to the lively compact car. An all-wheel-drive M2 is rumoured but not expected before 2026.

As the M2 G87 is expected to outlast the base models of the M3 G80 Sedan and M4 G82 Coupe by at least a year, it logically positions itself to be BMW’s last production model featuring a traditional gasoline engine with a manual transmission.

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