BMW 230i considered the best BMW Sports car value

The new 2 Series seems to be what most car enthusiasts expected it to be. A lot was riding on the new 2 Series’ shoulders before its unveiling. Not only was it a successor to an already popular car, but it was also described as ” the last of its kind”. With internal combustion engines set to be phased out over the next decade and the 2 Series has a life cycle of around six years, it looks like compact petrol-powered BMW coupes are on the decline. The final episode of the 2 Series can not be a flop, can it?

The new 2 Series seems to be what most car enthusiasts expected it to be.

Fortunately, it is not. It’s pretty good. However, most of the reviews for this new 2 Series are about the M240i, its M Performance variant with the big engine. Little has been mentioned about the BMW 230i, the smaller model in the 2 Series sold in the United States. Yet the small 2 Series with a four-cylinder engine could be the most incredible sports car offering in BMW’s line-up.

It is now BMW’s most affordable vehicle in the United States. That alone makes it an attractive proposition. Like the BMW 330i, it has a 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder and the same standard ZF eight-speed automatic transmission. The 230i manages the sprint from 0 to 60 km/h in 5.5 seconds.

The new 2 Series seems to be what most car enthusiasts expected it to be.

But it’s the BMW 230i’s experience, not its performance or stats, that makes it a fantastic buy. It features the same chassis components as the BMW M240i, but it has less weight on the nose. This means that the 230i is a lot of fun to drive.

It also has all the luxury features you would expect from a BMW. In addition, the build and materials quality is excellent and it has all the luxury extras you could wish for. Most notably, fans can order the 230i in Thundernight Metallic, BMW’s stunning new purple colour.

Most importantly, you get a fun, shockingly fast rear-wheel drive BMW coupe in a great colour, with heated seats, a heated steering wheel, genuine Vernasca leather and a 3D Surround View camera system. It’s fantastic value for money, and you’ll probably find more fun per dollar in the BMW portfolio.

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