[Video] The All-new BMW 128ti in a Review by Joe Achilles

The all-new BMW 128ti is one of the vehicles today that enthusiasts are most curious about. Since the 1980s, BMW used the first ‘ti’ moniker model. It is a warm-hatch that uses a front-wheel-drive system, and that is one of the notable changes made by BMW. Find out how Joe Achilles shares his insights on the new BMW 128ti.

Joe Achilles is a well-known car enthusiast that test drives and reviews a newly launched car. This time, he examined the all-new BMW 128ti. The BMW 128ti is based on the flagship model M135i xDrive and shares many of its components. It uses the same B48 2-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine that produces 265bhp and a maximum torque of 400Nm. 

Rather than the xDrive system the M135i uses, it uses a standard limited differential in delivering power to the front axle. It weighs 80-pounds less because it doesn’t have a rear driveshaft, unlike the M135i. 

Joe Achilles has used the BMW 128ti for almost five days and observes that it performs excellently. He even points out that this car can save you a lot of money. The front axle grip plays a very significant role in engaging the limited-slip differential. It is also perfect for a long drive, and you can enjoy driving the BMW 128ti at a speed limit. 

Joe Achilles’ verdict is, the all-new BMW 128ti offers a fantastic ride, and in certain ways, the 128ti is much better than its powerful sibling. There’s just a little fuss going around. The 8-speed Aising gearbox isn’t that perfect, but it wasn’t terrible either. Joe Achilles also observes that the seats of the 128ti are rigid, compared to the seats of the M135i.

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