[VIDEO] BMW i5 M60 Sedan Takes on Ski Slope in Latest Ad

This update sets itself apart from the other stories you’ve encountered this week about the BMW i5 M60, which primarily concentrated on the new Touring model. Shifting our focus to the sedan, BMW’s South Korean division has unveiled an engaging promotional video. Captured at Vivaldi Park Ski World, the footage showcases the electric performance car making a thrilling descent down a ski slope.

In the late hours of the day, the i5 M60 Sedan competes with a ski racer, though it’s not an actual race to avoid risking the safety of both contenders. This event is merely a publicity stunt, a concept not new to BMW. Previously, the iX xDrive50 ascended the same ski slope, echoing this promotional approach.

On January 29, 2024, the latest stunt took place under challenging conditions for an electric vehicle, with temperatures dropping to -7 °C (- 19°F). The ski resort is located in Hongcheon, a city in Gangwon Province. Beom-Hee Cho, an ex-member of South Korea’s national ski team, took the role of the ski racer, while Ki-Chul Song, Head of Driving Experience Korea, was behind the car’s wheel.

The outcome remains a mystery, but the race wasn’t the focal point. Both participants tackled a 900-meter (nearly 3,000-foot) slope. In South Korea, the lineup includes the i5 M60, the more compact i5 eDrive40, and the conventional 5 Series Sedan, offering both gasoline (520i, 520i xDrive) and diesel (523d, 523d xDrive) variants.

Chosen for its excitement, the i5 M60 represents the pinnacle of the G60-generation 5 Series until the arrival of the M5, which is also favoured by national ski team members. This electric M Performance sedan features a striking black exterior and red brake calipers, completed with 20-inch Style 940 M wheels and Hankook Winter i*cept evo3 tires for enhanced performance.

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