[Video] Launching Soon: BMW M3 CS Sighted at Nurburgring

It’s not a drill: the BMW M3 CS is returning! This car was seen making rounds several times at Nurburgring. And at that point, it seemed nearly confirmed. Getting closer to its launch date, we’re expecting to see some camo but for now, we have BMW’s mysterious psychedelic wrap. It covers the prototype, keeping us all thrilled.

However, there are no grand changes in the car’s design. Instead, the M3 CS will most likely have a few added features. This is to make it look more menacing while enhancing the aerodynamic profile. If older CS models are anything to go by, we’ll see a new front lip added to the mix. Additionally, a rear spoiler on top of the boot lid and a new set of wheels, as well as wider side sills.

Enter inside, and some weight-saving measures can be considered. This means that the M Carbon seats will now be offered as standard, minus the centre armrest. The door panels could be made of CFRP and have a lighter construction overall. But, it’s still too early to finalize things, yet we know for certain that it will be as light as possible.

For its specs, don’t expect huge levels of power on top of what a Competition model is offering. It’s not the vision they have for the CS versions. The idea is to design a car with an even sharper drive, and not necessarily faster. It’s possible to have a 0-20 horsepower bump from the 3.0-litre straight-six S58 engine, but that’s about it. While the torque is expected to remain the same. In this video, it assures that its driving action will be on another level.

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