[Video] 2021 BMW M3 and M4 in action on Nurburgring

It looks like 2021 is the new M3 and M4’s year, as they will begin appearing in a lot of places all around the world. A lot of people have been anticipating these models ever since their reveal in 2020. And the wait is finally over as deliveries will begin kicking off this 2021. Certainly, not everyone will find these new cars as appealing as others, but it still doesn’t erase the fact that its technical side will still get the job done.

Bringing in a lot of firsts for the brand, the M3 and M4 will come in an all-wheel-drive system. Thus, greatly modifying the function and dynamics of the cars. Fortunately, we know for a fact that BMW’s all-wheel-drive systems are rear-biased, providing plenty of slides. It’s even possible to turn the M xDrive system into a rear-wheel-drive one at the touch of a button, solving all your problems.

In this video, we get to see how it went for these cars at the Nurburgring road test. It shows both pre-production prototypes and the finished cars in action, doing some pretty awesome slides. Behind the wheels were the BMW test drivers who will, at the same time, observe the new M3 and M4 versions behavior. This includes their coping mechanism with oversteer, understeer, and everything in between. An interesting option for those who wanted to do skids the entire day is the base M3. It can opt for a manual, rear-wheel-drive only configuration.

Simultaneously, we can expect press drives to happen soon as the pandemic permitting and we’re so excited to bring you our thoughts on the BMW M3 and M4. Meanwhile, we make use of what we have. From older footage from the Nurburgring to newer stories about what went into developing these new cars. People have been anticipating the new M3 and M4 models ever since their reveal in 2020.

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