The official U.S. Debut of the all-new MINI Pacesetter

The MINI Pacesetter made its official U.S. premiere at the Formula E New York City E-Prix in Brooklyn, New York. This past weekend, American fans have seen the all-new MINI Pacesetter. It also made its worldwide debut earlier this year in Rome, Italy. 

all-new MINI Pacesetter

According to Mike Peyton, the MINI Pacesetter looks excellent as it makes its way to the Brooklyn Formula E Circuit. Mike Peyton is the Chief Motorer & Vice President of the MINI of the Americas. He also added that the MINI Pacesetter provides them with the ideal opportunity. It enables them to demonstrate its unique combination of electrification and performance. Furthermore, it also serves as the official Safety Car for the Formula E race series. 

One of the most incredible MINIs ever is the all-new MINI Pacesetter. It looks like something out of Cyberpunk 2077 with its two-tone Highspeed Orange and Curbside Red clour scheme and JCW GP-inspired design. However, it isn’t a production vehicle, but it’s highly functional. Enough to propel it from zero to 60 mph in 6.7 seconds, the Pacesetter’s single front-mounted electric motor produces 181 horsepower. It is also 130 kg lighter than the MINI Cooper SE while using the latter’s same powertrain. Its lighter weight improves handling and agility. 

An all-electric version of the JCW GP is in the works, as MINI confirmed. However, its powertrain fell short, but its chassis is impressive. The forthcoming electric JCW GP should be a fantastic one to drive. MINI can combine the JCW GP and the Cooper SE and add a lot more electric power. It will take some design cues, chassis and suspension from this MINI Pacesetter, which is a stunning car. 

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