MINI’s One-Millionth Three-Door Hatch Takes Center Stage

MINI Calgary recently hosted a remarkable ceremony to mark the assembly of the one-millionth three-door hatch from the current-generation MINI models. The proud owners, Steve and Kerry Lockhart, were handed the keys to their fully electric Cooper SE, which coincides with the brand’s 110th anniversary in 2023. This special edition vehicle features unique badges and details, amplifying its significance as a true automotive icon.

Steve and Kerry Lockhart were treated to a heartfelt surprise during the ceremony. Charlie Cooper, the grandson of the MINI founder, John Cooper, shared a personalized video message to congratulate the couple. This added significance to an already monumental occasion, highlight the brand’s heritage and family legacy.

The forthcoming model will mark a significant shift, as MINI has partnered with Great Wall Motor to establish Spotlight Automotive. This is a joint venture to produce the electric hatch in China. This strategic move will see the iconic MINI evolve, adapting to the changing landscape of the automotive industry.

While the Cooper SE has primarily been available as a hatchback, MINI surprised enthusiasts with a limited run of only 999 convertible units. However, this i exclusively for the European market. It remains uncertain whether a convertible variant will follow suit. Nevertheless, MINI enthusiasts can look forward to a future that promises innovation and a commitment to the brand’s distinctive style.

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