BMW X6 for sale in China



 BMW has hit the Chinese market with its X6 flagship for sale. The price for Xdrive 50i is 1.44 million Yuan and will be actually out for sale only by November 2008. Being a BMW product, the coupe is highly powerful, having been introduced as the first coupe to V8 engine attributing Twin Turbo Technology (TTT) and Direct Gasoline Injection. It is the world’s first Sports Activity Coupe (SAC) and is available with two different engine configurations.
BMW X6, Xdrive 35i with 3.0 inline 6 cylinder engine, 300 hp, 300 lb.-ft torque and 407 Nm @ 1,400 rpm.
BMW X6, Xdrive 50i with 4.4 V8 engine, 400 hp, 450lb.-ft torque and 610 Nm @ 1,800 rpm
Both these cars have a twin turbo engine. Xdrive 35i sold for 970,000 Yuan in July 2008. Xdrive 50i is styled like the X model, but this one is improved and more aerodynamic, sporty version. Having the intelligent Xdrive all wheel drive technology, the coupe has complete electronic control over its wheels and axles. It is all condition vehicle and adopts to all climatic situations.

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