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G-Power G7 5.2 K Based on BMW 750i V8

550 hp in its most beautiful form

* G-POWER G7 5.2 K supercharger with 550 hp/740 Nm
* Aerodynamic suite HIGHLINE and 4 pipe exhaust system
* Weight-optimised G-POWER Styling III forged wheels
* G-POWER braking system G400

Since making its debut back in 2001, the BMW 7 Series E65 has been the topic of many a conversation. The creators of this car have made sure that we are dealing with a true character actor when it comes to this luxury saloon. Needless to say, BMW left plenty of scope for enhancements. G-POWER uses this scope to create its own version of this luxury liner. For more than 22 years, G-POWER has been synonymous with performance and design. According to the motto of FIRST CLASS PERFORMANCE, the G-POWER G7 delivers the fine tuning desired by ambitious and discerning drivers. The new interpretation of the G7 5.2 supercharger satisfies every need with regard to ‘Design and Performance’.
The G-POWER G7 5.2K ‘ the fastest way of moving

G-POWER is the first automotive tuning specialist to supply a supercharger system, which is virtually unparalleled, for the new Valvetronic engines from BMW. The some 550 hp / 404 kW and breathtaking 740 Nm at 3500 rpm make it perfectly clear that acceleration rates on a par with those of a sports car can be expected here. The 2.2 tonne beast sprints from 0 to 100 km/h in just 5.5 seconds. The G-POWER supercharged engine enables this 7 Series BMW to reach a top speed of 310 km/h. To ensure the stability, G-POWER only supplies the G7 supercharger conversion kit in conjunction with the known cubic capacity extension to 5.2 l. The automatic transmission specially developed for this purpose has been optimised for torques of 800 Nm, whilst still offering all the advantages of an automatic transmission.
Impressive appearance with G-POWER HIGHLINE design

Less is not always more. With this in mind, the designers and engineers at G-POWER have developed an aerodynamic package for the new, lifted 7 Series BMW ‘ namely the ‘G-POWER HIGHLINE’ product line.

The modified bodywork was not primarily about simply supplying attachment parts, but rather about replacing the BMW parts with the G-POWER design. Thus, the bodywork kit includes the bumpers, side sills and the striking boot attachment, which characterises the G-POWER line. The parts are produced directly in the subsidiary company CFKtec in Brunsb’ttel, Germany. In the production of these aerodynamic parts, G-POWER makes exclusive use of carbon-fibre reinforced plastic as a material. This ensures low weight and optimised durability.

G-POWER Sound ‘ The sound that makes music

The rear end of the G7 is dominated by four stainless steel tailpipes. The four-pipe system specially developed for the 7 Series is truly impressive with its sporty, sonorous sound, which emphasizes the power of the V8 supercharger in its own unique way. Compared with the production car, the exhaust fumes back pressure and pipe layout have been optimised in order to realise the awesome 550 hp.

HIGHTECH and DESIGN ‘ custom-built vs mass-produced

With its modern look, the new G-POWER Styling III wheel presents a technically sporty design. Thanks to the special design, the wheel arch ventilation has been improved by 15% and, as such, has a positive effect on the brake temperature.

The three-piece rotary milled aluminium wheel is adapted directly at G POWER and offers all the qualities of a genuine tuning specialist’s wheel. As such, instead of a standard wheel, the customer receives a wheel rim fitted into the wheel arch without cutting any corners.

The hand-polished outer wells are coated with a clear Teflon varnish, which lends them their unique shine after painting.

The G7 is equipped at the front with chunky 9.0×22 rims fitted with size 265/30-ZR22 tyres and on the rear axle with 11×22 rims fitted with size 295/25-ZR22 tyres. The Michelin tyres supplied are authorised for the G POWER G7 up to 320 km/h.

Power requires control

Specially with heavy-weight vehicles in mind, G-POWER has developed the new G400 braking system in collaboration with the company Brembo. Measuring 400 mm in diameter and 36 mm thick, the G-POWER brake satisfies the most exacting of requirements in terms of strength and fading stability. For drivers of the G7 5.2K, this means an absolute novelty in terms of safety at top speeds exceeding the 300 km/h mark.

Further information on G-POWER’s tuning suite for BMW cars is available directly from G-POWER in Brunsb’ttel or by visiting the Internet at, where you will find the latest press material along with the corresponding photos.

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