The BMW Leipzig Plant Plans to go ‘Greener’

One of the largest and most advanced in BMW’s portfolio, Plant Leipzig has operated hydrogen-powered service cars within its compound since 2013. Currently, they have been using 81 service cars running every day. The Bavarian brand plans to increase its number by adding 37 units using their fourth hydrogen filling station. It opened last week in Eastern Germany to meet the expected increase in the number of such vehicles.

Within the automotive industry, there is a major debate going on right now. “How should we transition away from fossil fuels?” This is one topic that’s been bothering the executives of numerous vehicle companies for years. According to others, the only possible option is battery electric vehicles. Hydrogen is the superior choice for others, wherein supreme efforts would be focused for the long run. An absolute solution is still a long way from being final. However, it would be great if car companies make decisions thoroughly while looking into both options.

BMW is one of the adamant car companies that reject to rule out any possibility. They’re trying to figure out how to make hydrogen a viable, large scale option for nearly two decades. BMW is planning to employ hydrogen not just in passenger cars but also in manufacturing facilities. This plan is to ensure that the entire manufacturing process is as environmentally friendly as possible.

As a result, Plant Leipzig is home to Germany’s largest hydrogen-fueled logistics fleet. Plant Leipzig now has four hydrogen fueling stations. The BMW I body shop is the home of the first hydrogen station that opened in 2013.  During that time, it was also Germany’s only indoor H2 refuelling station. In 2018, BMW added two more hydrogen fueling stations. A fourth is already in the works to meet the growing demand for hydrogen-powered vehicles.  Since the beginning, all four hydrogen fuelling stations are verified as environmentally friendly. It pumps out about 50 kg of hydrogen every day into its tanks. 

According to Hans-Peter Kemser, the Director of BMW Group Plant Leipzig, technological innovation is their answer to the issues regarding environmental policy. He said that technology holds the key to the future, and it is their beneficial counter to climate protection. The Director also added that their objective is to decarbonise their production completely. They’re aiming to replace fossil fuels with future fuels in the form of green hydrogen.

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