BMW i Ventures Discloses Investment in Plus One Robotics

BMW i Ventures – the strategic investment arm of BMW – announces a new tie this week from another new company. Plus One Robotics is a US-based company that is a top supplier of vision software for logistics robots. The German automaker hopes that Plus One Robotics technology will come in handy in management and its supply chain.

BMW i Ventures Discloses Investment in Plus One Robotics

Eric Nieves is the CEO of Plus One Robotics, along with the industry veteran co-founders. The company uses technology in making robot hardware that intelligently completes monotonous management tasks. Some of these tasks are unloading the pallets and package sorting. Plus One also offers a “human-in-the-loop” approach. It uses human intelligence in passing different items from dock to door.

Yonder is Plus One’s robot supervision software. It allows a human or Crew Chief to remotely control up to 50 robots. Using these robots leads to more efficient production, making companies meet the demands of their customers 24/7. It also makes them adopt a follow-the-sun model at the same time. Series B fundraiser’s main goal is to capitalize on the current momentum of the company. It is also to expand within its existing customer base. Moreover, it allows the company to get more market share with its new customers.

BMW i Ventures Discloses Investment in Plus One Robotics 1

According to Kasper Sage, Partner at BMW i Ventures, the company believes that the technology of Plus One Robotics will lead to a new era of smart adaptive robots. These robots will bring automation to new heights not just on big markets like automotive. It can also go across any supply chain use case where items must be moved from one place to another.

“The beauty of Plus One’s technology is that it combines state-of-the-art computer-vision algorithms with a human-in-the-loop approach,” says Kasper. It enables the robots to operate with accuracy that nothing can match across the industry. “Thanks to Plus One, the new era of robotics-driven automation is at last here,” Kasper added. The funding will make the continuous development of its machine-vision software product. It is to address new applications and use-cases within the value-chain of the logistics.

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