The M3 Convertible

The M division cars designed by BMW are always creating some kind of a stir in the automobile market. These M design cars have it all; the power of the car itself can be easily predicted due to the bulge in the hood, its massive ability to take in front air pressure, what else could you ask for? Oh but that’s not all is it now!!! It’s got a 4.0 litre V8 which delivers 420 horse power with an almost 300 pound feet of torque action. Any guesses what this can do to your car? Well, for starters it can zoom from 0-60mph in just a matter of 5.3 seconds. And what about its top speed you might ask, it has been electronically maintained to give a speed of 155mph.

BMW M3 Convertible

The power of the BMW M3 convertible is passed on to its rear wheels with the help of a 6 speed manual gear box. The engineers responsible for the design and the engine of this car have also developed a 7 speed double clutch gear box which is simply perfect for the 4.0 V8. This not only helps in increasing the performance of the car but also helps in reducing the overall consumption of fuel. The gearbox also has five automatic shift programs and in case of the manual mode, it has six. The car boasts of 18 inch alloy wheels, i.e., 245/40R18 front wheels and 265/40R18 rear wheels.

The M3 Convertible is really stable when it comes to turning on tight corners. As an extra safety measure, the car is equipped with airbags and it also has an option of adaptive headlamps. As for the interiors, the word luxurious simply becomes an understatement. Classy Interiors It has leather seats that are trimmed to perfection with the customers having the option to select colors as well as the trims, which includes with wood, aluminum and carbon accents. With the M3s flooding the markets, the Convertible is perhaps one model to look out for.

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