BMW.SG in Munich: Big Love from Munich / Mini

If you were wondering why we didn’t show any Minis from our previous post, it’s really because of a rather special Clubman I spotted immediately as I walked by.

This, everyone, is a Mini Clubman Untold Edition. Launched just a month or two ago as part of a trio of (yet again) special edition Minis spanning across the entire range. Hatchbacks, convertibles, four-doors, Countrymans and Clubman models.

While all of the special edition cars get exclusive tarted up interiors and funky bits of accented trim, the Clubman Untold variant is the most unique and jazzed up of them all.

The most eye-catching difference exclusive to the Clubman Untold? Dyed exterior plastic spats which now have a slight hint of blue to complement the Sage Green paintwork.

It doesn’t quite show up in photos but in the metal, and to fans of the marque, the coloured plastic splats really make this Clubman stand out and because the dye is embedded into the plastic itself, there’s no way to replicate this effect with paint.

Elsewhere, brass and frosted bronze contrasting trim panels and wheels further accentuate its uniqueness.

Even the stripes are unique to the Untold, made up of individual reflective stripes that cross diagonally along the bonnet before angling acutely lengthwise towards the extended roof.

Inside, the sports seats have also been wrapped in Sage Green leather and fabric and if you look really really closely, the surrounds of the air vents have also been finished in Brass. Unfortunately, with the doors locked, I was not privy to more of its intimate details.

All in all, this is quite possibly one of the most unique looking series-production Minis to ever come out of the factory and if I was ever in the fortunate position to own one (in JCW spec, of course), I’d do a very un-Mini thing and leave it as-is. Though, I reckon it will not be coming to Singapore. Pity.

For those curious, both of these Minis are yes, the Resolute editions, as you can see, they also carry contrasting trim pieces but their real standout is inside the cabin.

Just look at those beautiful fabric seats!

Though not quite as extensive with the customisation as the Untold Clubman, the Resolute Minis’ interiors truly do liven things up inside by quite a margin! Again though, I’m not that hopeful these will come to our sunny island with our local buyers’ strange preference for cowhide. Fabric is where it’s at!

And to round off this short writeup here’s yet another Mini we have not (yet) seen on our local shores, the PHEV Countryman. Mini really needs to bring these over here.

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