BMW Models to be made of Recycled Materials by 2025

According to Oliver Zipse, the BMW CEO, all new BMW models will be out of recycled materials by 2025. Many automakers pump out battery packs to probably come up with ranges that can compete with Tesla. However, they should also consider the EV’s environmental stability as one of its most important aspects.

BMW Models made from Recycled Materials by 2025

The switching of EV’s by manufacturers is a big step. But its battery production may cause more harm by creating more pollutants than producing the actual car. As pollution increases, BMW came up with an idea on how to reduce their environmental impact. A plan that will make use of recycled materials for the production of EVs.

They will utilize wood and metals starting in 2025 in all of its productions. A set to reduce the carbon footprint of car production and produce the BMW’s greenest car. The waste reduction from its materials is a good move from BMW.

The recycling idea is not unusual for BMW as it already made one from it. Production of the BMW i3’s carbon fibre chassis is made from recycled materials. And BMW also makes use of its wind-powered and hydro-powered plants. Moreover, The whole recycling idea is not new for BMW. It is opting to increase efforts in eco-friendly and sustainable manufacturing. 

BMW Models made from Recycled Materials by 2025

BMW did not mention the specific materials for production. The automaker did not also include the number of cars they will make from such recycled materials. The plants for the production of EV’s are not mentioned by the manufacturer. It is good to hear that BMW is making such an investment that is helpful for the environment.

BMW makes another turning point with its first released all-electric sports sedan. Combined with the production of green cars is another turning-point for the automaker. BMW’s move seems to indicate a change of the game. This forwards to a more sustainable automotive future.

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