The BMW M Features the new Safety Car fleet

2021 marks the debut of the BMW M GmbH, which lines up four safety cars for the MotoGP season on March 28. The all-new M3, M4, and M5 CS high-performance models will be on guard at every MotoGP stage this year. Moreover, it composes the safety fleet along with the new M 1000 RR motorbike. 

BMW M Features the new Safety Car fleet 1

The BMW M GmbH continues supplying safety vehicles for motorbike competitions over the past 20 years. But this time, the Garching-based performance will be rolling out four different models for the 2021 GP in Losail. It is to secure safety within the track. 

The BMW M GmbH and Dorna Sports’ collaboration – patron of the MotoGP competition – enjoyed successful cooperation. Both saw the Garching-based division supply the Safety cars needed with no interruption in every season. Furthermore, new safety vehicles are on the tracks in the upcoming 2021 MotoGP season where BMW is actively involved. 

BMW M Features the new Safety Car fleet 2

The BMW introduces the new Safety Squad with its four brand-new additions to the M portfolio. It includes the new M3 Competition Sedan, M4 Competition Coupe, the M5 CS, and BMWs first two-wheeled product – M 1000 RR high-performance motorbike. BMWs M3 Competition Sedan comes in a stunning Frozen Dark Grey metallic colour. Whereas the M5 CS features a BMW Individual Frozen Deep Green Metallic colour.

The M3 Competition Coupe comes coated with a stylish Sao Paulo Yellow unicolour. However, BMW decided to keep the white paint on its M 1000 RR.BMW chose to display the Safety Cars in their production colours rather than sticking to the classic white paintwork. 

The CEO of BMW M GmbH Marcus Flasch stated, “The safety car fleet is the focal point of our involvement in the MotoGP, and we are very proud to be starting the season with four new vehicles for the first time in our 20-year history as ‘Official Car of MotoGP.

BMW M Features the new Safety Car fleet 4

Our three new safety cars are based on production models, which deliver outstanding performance and driving dynamics that make them ideally suited to appear in the MotoGP’. The new 1000 RR will join them as the safety bike. The first M model on two wheels has been developed in motorsport and will meet the most exacting requirements on the racetrack. We are looking forward to the season-opener in Qatar and seeing our new fleet in action.”

Moreover, the CEO of MotoGP rights holder Dorna Sports Carmelo Ezpeleta added. “With this new safety car fleet, our partner BMW M once again demonstrates their level of commitment and passion for the MotoGP. In 2021, we will be embarking on our 23rd season together, and the presentation of the fleet with three new safety cars and the new safety bike is a real statement. It shows the strength and seriousness of our partnership. We are very grateful to BMW M GmbH for this involvement.”

The first European race of the season in Portimao features the completed 2021 BMW M MotoGP Safety Car fleet. Along with the Safety Squad will be the BMW M8 Competition Gran Coupe Safety Car. The M8 Competition Coupe Safety Car and the new BMW X5 M Medical Car are present. And, another BMW M 1000 RR Safety Bike.

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