BMW Group Promises Greener Manufacturing With Biowaste Paint

The essential step a carmaker can take in decarbonization is switching to battery or hydrogen-electric vehicles. However, removing the internal combustion engine isn’t enough to reach complete carbon neutrality. Therefore, BMW Group promises greener manufacturing with paint from Bio-Waste.


Many of the automotive corporations’ news releases in recent years have contained the term “sustainable” and its variations. The enterprise has committed to sourcing some of the most common supplies from sustainable sources, including steel, aluminum, tires, and leather.

As a result, the BMW Group promises to utilize bio-waste paint made from biomass rather than crude oil because it is more environmentally friendly, dries faster, and repels dirt, allowing it to keep its like-new appearance for longer than standard acrylic and oil-based paints.


BMW then claims to be the first automaker to use this material in its European factories. Speaking of the Old Continent, the Leipzig facility uses environmentally-friendly corrosion protection. The same can as the X3’s assembly plant in Rosslyn, South Africa.

It’s worth noting that Leipzig and Rosslyn produce roughly 250,000 vehicles each year. The “greener” manufacturing method reduces paint production emissions by almost 40%. Between now and the end of the decade, a TÃœV-certified approach expects to save 15,000 tons of CO2.

BMW used bio-waste or sewage treatment plant waste as the starting material to replace petroleum-based products like naphtha. According to the group, there are no quality issues because the corrosion protection and matte paints are chemically identical. These have the same characteristics as commonly made body paints.

Since we’re on paint, the 7 Series G70 (built-in Dingolfing) is the first BMW to feature a two-tone finish. In relation, some of the lesser-known models, like the 1 Series hatchback and 2 Series Gran Coupe, are also added to the Individual inventory.

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