[Video] BMW M4 Coupe G82 Arrives In Classy Forza Horizon 5

Forza Motorsport’s upcoming videogame will feature another BMW vehicle, but the M8 GTE was a prominent feature of the official gameplay demo. With Forza Horizon 5, you will be able to access the second-generation M4 (G82) for the first time.  

Isle of Man Green and what appears to be the Sao Paulo Yellow launch colour are displayed here for the M4. Given that just the coupe was mentioned, we can assume that the M3 Sedan will follow at a later date. Naturally, we can’t wait for the M3 Touring to make an appearance in a Forza game or similar racing simulator. 

The same sentiment applies to the M4 CSL, and the 2023 3.0 CSL, in particular, would be a welcome addition. While we wait, the M4 will have to do. The G82, like other vehicles in Forza Horizon 5 and the rest of the series, features exquisite attention to detail. The promotional video shows the vehicle’s exterior, but there are already videos on YouTube of players controlling the car virtually.

Whether or not you’re a BMW enthusiast, having a more excellent array of cars makes a video game more fun. The newest M4, with its enormous kidney grille, has joined Forza Horizon 5 and promises to make driving in the game’s fictitious version of Mexico a blast. Since the XM plug-in hybrid SUV is on the horizon, it will be exciting to watch whether the electrified mastodon is included in the game later. The BMW selection in the upcoming spring revamp of the motorsport-focused Forza Motorsport should be suitable for those wishing to play a more serious video game.

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