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Introducing the 2022 BMW M3 Purple Silk With Fiona Red Interior

The newest addition to the collection is this Individual Purple Silk 2018 BMW M3 with a Fiona Red leather interior, G80 model. BMW M3 looks better in deeper hues, and I’ve discovered that purple is a particularly good match. That assumption is correct, as this Purple Silk looks deadly serious.

The G80 M3 isn’t one of the most aesthetically pleasing BMW M3s, as I think we can all agree. Although its grille contributes, that is not the sole problem. The lack of muscularity is accentuated by the odd fender flare on the back of the vehicle terminates prematurely in front of the back door, as though BMW was too cheap to redesign the panel. Purple Silk, in my opinion, is the perfect color to spec if you want to be forgiven.

It has a gloomy quality will make it seem excellent at night, yet its vivid colors make it feel festive and unique. In direct sunshine, its beauty truly comes out. A Fiona Red inside may complement the purple, but I like that the customer was willing to have some fun with the color spec. The 50th-anniversary logos are a lovely addition as well.

As a base model, this M3 is powered by the more commonplace twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six that generates 473 hp. Additionally, it features rear-wheel drive and a six-speed manual transmission. Incredibly, the customer chose the base model to have a manual transmission, even though the car’s Purple Silk color and M Performance extras quickly put it over the price threshold for Competition standards. They didn’t merely walk onto a dealer lot and pick out a car; instead, they received the exact model they desired.

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