Unveiling the Eighth-Generation BMW 5 Series

BMW has surprised us with a longer video to introduce the new 5 Series and its electric i5 sibling. This 18-minute in-depth guide takes us through four different variations of the G60. Get a comprehensive understanding of the eighth-generation 5 Series and highlighting the subtle design differences between each version.

Unlike its archrival Mercedes, BMW has opted to use the CLAR platform for all variations of the new 5 Series. However, Mercedes takes a different approach by using dedicated EV architecture for their electric EQE. The E-Class remains on an ICE platform. BMW plans to adopt a similar strategy in 2025. It thought of offering conventionally powered and electric versions of the 3 Series and X3 based on the upcoming Neue Klasse platform.

The G60, with its distinct design and larger dimensions, marks a significant departure from its predecessor, the G30. The G68, is expected to cater specifically to the Chinese market. BMW has already provided a teaser of the forthcoming M5 G90, the pinnacle of the range.

Scheduled for release in 2024, the G99 will reintroduce the Touring variant, following the footsteps of the rare E34 and V10-powered E61. The G99 will feature the drivetrain from the XM, combining a twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 “S68” engine with an electric motor, delivering over 700 horse

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