Unleashing the BMW 740d at the Nürburgring

Luxury sedans are not typically associated with tearing up the track, but one BMW 740d owner decided to challenge convention. Sporting a diesel engine, this previous-generation 7 Series, equipped with the M Sport Package, underwent significant modifications to transform it into a formidable track contender. 

Lowered by 35 millimeters through a modified air suspension, the once-plush ride is now performance-oriented.The inline-six engine, upgraded to stage 1, now boasts 402 hp and a massive 806 Nm of torque. M Performance brakes keep this powerhouse in check on the track.

The BMW 740d surprises with its agility and power at the Nürburgring. Weighing almost two tons, it effortlessly reaches high speeds while maintaining comfort. Despite not being the top diesel 7 Series of its time, the modified 740d showcases the potential of a luxury sedan on the track.

As of 2023, BMW remains one of the few offering diesel performance models. However, with the looming Euro 7 standard, the future of sporty diesels is uncertain. The shift to plug-in hybrids, with electric motor torque, seems inevitable, marking a transformation in high-performance vehicles.

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