BMW X7 xDrive40d & Poldo Dog Couture Elevates Luxury Travel

To introduce a standout and unique BMW X7 variant, BMW Italia partnered with Poldo Dog Couture, a top-tier luxury dog wear brand. This collaboration creates a unique meeting point between bespoke pet apparel and Italian automotive artistry. Poldo Dog Couture and BMW Italia have developed a tailored travel solution for dogs, selecting the BMW xDrive40d for this specific customization.

The BMW X7 xDrive40d Poldo Dog Couture Edition comes with a deluxe travel package designed for pets, ensuring their safety and comfort. Rossella Barbuto, the creative force behind Poldo Dog Couture, inspired the design of this limited edition. It features a dual-tone exterior with black and the unique BMW Individual “Oxford Green” colour. Inside, fine craftsmanship is evident with ebony wood finishes and Alcantara seats.

The BMW X7 xDrive40d Poldo Dog Couture Edition comes equipped with an extensive dog travel kit. It includes everything needed for a pet’s journey. A cosy seat cushion, a chic leather leash and collar, a safety belt, and a thermal flask for water. Also, the package includes hygiene bags, wipes, a unique fragrance ionizer by Luca Maffei, and porcelain bowls on an ebony tray. This ensures a seamless and comfortable travel experience for pets and their owners.

BMW and Poldo Dog Couture have themed the BMW X7 around the essence of a forest at dawn, filled with rich resin scents. Carlo Botto Poala, BMW Italy’s Marketing Director, explained that BMW Italia and Poldo Dog Couture join forces to reimagine the BMW X7’s functionality, freedom, and versatility. They aim for meticulous attention to detail, enabling stylish interior sharing with pets.

The latest concept car from the Italian team outshines their initial model, based on the pre-facelift X7, unveiled nearly two years ago. This highlights the constant evolution in the luxury dog accessory market.

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