BMW X7 M60i Transformed: Larte Design’s Power & Two-Tone Spin

The X7 isn’t the top pick for tuners like its smaller BMW SUV counterparts. Nevertheless, Larte Design aspires to alter that perception, focusing on the M60i. They’re advancing the M Performance model, which last year replaced the former M50i. This change formed part of the model’s overall Life Cycle Impulse, introducing split headlights, iDrive 8, and an S68 engine. Presently, the sporty luxobarge sports a two-tone scheme, courtesy of the German aftermarket specialist. It’s been entirely reshaped for a more aggressive edge.

The X7 M60i’s body showcases a two-tone effect. The lower half shines in Individual Frozen Pure Grey, while the top adopts a darker hue. At the back, you’ll notice a large roof-edge spoiler featuring a dual-wing design. The formidable hood, complete with bulky extra vents, stands out readily. An elegant pinstripe separates the two tones, harking back to high-end versions of the latest 7 Series or Rolls-Royce vehicles.

The majestic SUV boasts 12 body parts, all crafted from carbon fibre. Alternatively, basalt fibre-based composites can colour-match the hood to the body. As the full body kit’s parts mount onto original fittings, there’s no need to modify the car. Larte Design spruces up the X7 M60i with a variety of forged alloy wheels, available in sizes from 21 to 23 inches.

Bavaria’s top-tier luxury SUV now poses a bigger threat, thanks to a new front spoiler lip, expanded side skirts, and a rear diffuser. The carbon fibre make of those side mirror covers enhances both the M style and traditional shape.

The tuning package wouldn’t be complete without an engine tweak. So, the twin-turbo 4.4-litre V8 now boasts an extra 40 horsepower. This raises its total to 563 hp, inching closer to the 631 hp of the ALPINA XB7, the range’s pinnacle. While Larte Design didn’t mention performance, bear in mind that a standard X7 M60i hits 60 mph in 4.5 seconds and tops at 155 mph.

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