M350 xDrive Version Predicted for Upcoming BMW 3 Series

A year ago, BMWBLOG first unveiled the news about the next-generation 3 Series Sedan. Sporting the cool codenames G50 for the sedan and G51 for the wagon, it’s set to rock the CLAR platform and coexist with the Neue Klasse-powered i3. Interestingly, the current G20 model isn’t taking a curtain call yet. Why? Well, it’s prepping for a marathon, not a sprint, with its fully electric counterpart expected only in 2025. And for those on tenterhooks for the eighth-generation 3 Series, mark your calendars for 2027.

A fresh report from renowned BMW insider ynguldyn includes speculative details about the initial G50 3 Series models. The luxury sedan might be available in Europe as the 318, 320, 330e, and M350 xDrive. However, in the US, it might only roll out as the 330, 330 xDrive, and M350 xDrive. This hints again at Munich-based BMW potentially dropping the “i” from petrol-run vehicles. Next year, the 1 Series (F70) will likely set the standard.

While the report doesn’t discuss diesel engines, BMW might not fully forsake them. With the next-gen 3 Series four years away, a lot could shift. The same source suggests production commences in November 2026. Yet, the insider notes this might not be an accurate timeline due to a G50 and G20 overlap. Given that the G20 reportedly runs till February 2027, a four-month overlap seems highly unlikely.

The potential M350, like the rumoured M Performance version of the upcoming X3, shouldn’t shock anyone. The new X5, X6, and X7 M60i models aren’t stronger than their M50i predecessors. Therefore, it’s too early to tell if the shift from M340i/M40i suffix will mean more power. Regardless, the M Lite 3 Series and X3 are likely to sport quad exhaust systems, following the current X1 M35i’s trend.

Even if the details about future models aren’t entirely accurate, they’re another hint from a trusted source that BMW plans to produce at least one more combustion-engine 3 Series. Munich-based BMW anticipates manufacturing the G50 generation until October 2034. As for the high-performance M3, recent comments from M executives suggest they’re aiming for an all-electric model.

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