BMW iX2 in Skyscraper Grey Strikes a Pose with M Sport Pack

The completely redesigned BMW X2 is notably more substantial and features an elegant design compared to its predecessor. It introduces a fully electric counterpart positioned as a trendier alternative to the iX1. Currently, the lineup exclusively offers the xDrive30 model. However, in 2024, the lineup will expand with the addition of a front-wheel-drive eDrive20 variant. Concurrently, an engaging video highlights the powerful dual-motor setup. Luxurious 20-inch wheels and a striking Skyscraper Grey exterior finish emphasize it.

Since the iX2 utilizes the widely embraced CLAR platform, it closely resembles the classic BMW style of the gasoline/diesel X2. However, this comprehensive video provides a great chance to distinguish the subtle differences between this compact electric crossover and its conventional counterpart. Observe the closed-off grille and the notably large rear diffuser, which lend it an appearance strikingly similar to the X2 M35i’s quad exhaust tips.

The new X2 (F39) aims to replicate the style of a scaled-down X6. This departs from the tall hatchback profile of the original X2 (F39). Interestingly, this second-generation BMW Sports Activity Coupe (U10) omits the rear wiper and iDrive controller. This is a decision consistent with the mechanically related X2. Additionally, the recent 2 Series Active Tourer minivan also shares this feature. The 2024 1 Series and 2 Series Gran Coupe models will likely adopt the same approach.

The iX2 xDrive30 base model features a substantial tailgate spoiler, courtesy of the optional M Sport Package. Notably, the second-generation X2 is the first BMW model equipped with Operating System 9 and QuickSelect. However, the X1 will also incorporate this latest infotainment system beginning in November. It’s worth mentioning that the Regensburg plant in Germany, responsible for producing all variants of these two luxury crossovers, recently celebrated the manufacturing of its eight millionth vehicle.

Insiders with close ties to Munich indicate that the combustion-engined X2 plays a more prominent role in BMW’s lineup than its predecessor. It’s expected to subtly replace the X4, as reports suggest no future plans for a gasoline/diesel X4. However, there’s potential for an electric iX4 variant on the upcoming Neue Klasse platform after 2025.

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