Will the BMW Z4 M40i Offer a Manual Transmission?

The manual transmission in the BMW Z4 M40i has resurfaced with recent shots. These images strongly suggest the possibility of a manual gearbox in the works. Though interior shots are missing, the distinct engine sounds during gear changes, acceleration, and downshifting raise hope.

Photographers noted a noticeable change in the Z4 prototype engine noise during various driving manoeuvres. The fact that the BMW test driver tried to evade the paparazzi adds intrigue and hints at a possible manual transmission option, following the six-cylinder Toyota Supra’s lead.

BMW might introduce this enthusiast-friendly feature in 2024. Adapting a manual transmission from the Z4 sDrive20i to the M40i wouldn’t be overly complex, as many components are already available. 

The six-speed Z4 M40i production is rumored to begin in March 2024, suggesting an early debut next year. Unfortunately, the Z4’s future beyond 2026 remains uncertain, with no direct replacement in sight.

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