[Video] What can a Standard BMW M4 Manual Do

BMW’s M4 as seen in reviews and tests is shockingly fast. Be in straight lines or on tracks, BMW M4 dares cars that are higher in price and probably with more power. However, most of its performance testing in the Competition Package. What can the standard model BMW M4 do? In this new video from Sport Auto, we can see a standard BMW M4 in a six-speed manual.

The standard M4 due to the manually shifting gears can be mistaken for a Competition model. It also comes with a proper stick, and lap Hockenheim with Uwe Sener. A lesser power on the standard M4 may come handier, especially in corners.

The base BMW M4 manual makes a 1:55.6 lap time that exceeds some of the known remarkable cars. It has Sener behind the wheel. For starters, the recorded lap time is faster than the BMW M2 CS and M850i. It also comes ahead of the Porsche 718 and Audi RS7 Sportback. The standard M4 is nearly behind the Audi R8 V10 Spyder. While it is also a second slower than the BMW M5 in Competition Package. However, it never fails to impress for a car with only 473 horsepower, and a manual gearbox in rear-wheel-drive.

Nico DeMattia from BMWBLOG argues that buying the base car with a manual means you care little about lap times and more fun. BMW’s entry-level BMW M4 will not disappoint as it looks like a blast on the track. Regardless of its hefty curb weight, it looks sharp, playful, and easily controllable.

“So if you want the base M4 because you want the three-pedal box but you are worried about feeling left out by its lower power figures, fear not. The base M4 is still damn quick.” In Competition Package or not, the BMW M4 remains outstanding as it is.

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