New BMW 128tii Daehler Tuning – Greater Power and Handling

BMW proves it still understands that driving dynamics are more important than power figures with the new BMW 128ti. The 128ti, compared to the M135i, is less powerful, grippy, less premium, and slower. However, Swiss tuner Daehler Tuning wanted to make a better version of the 128ti. Not only that the Daehler added more power, but also better handling to the BMW 128tii adding the flavor of excitement to its owners.

New BMW 128tii Daehler Tuning - Greater Power and Handling

The new BMW 128tii now makes 313 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque from its 265 horsepower stock version. It is still lesser than the power of the BMW 135i, only that it makes more torque.

Daehler held back, regardless of being capable of improving its power. It is to reach Daehler’s goal in enhancing the 128ti’s power while maintaining the car in its two-wheel drive. The new BMW 128tii now comes with more power than its stock version. What makes it more exciting is the new stainless steel exhaust system with CAN bus-controlled exhaust valves. It enhances the exhaust note for a throatier and deeper sound.

New BMW 128tii Daehler Tuning - Greater Power and Handling 2

The new and improved Daehler 128tii now comes with better handling. Its Daehler-designed Coilover suspension lowers ride height while giving it sharper handling. You can now easily adjust its damper, rebound, and height, depending on your preference. Daehler made the 128tii more flexible with its dampers. Suppose that the driver prefers the standard dampers from the stock, then Daehler offers a lowering spring kit. It is for those who do not like to retain its standard dampers.

New BMW 128tii Daehler Tuning - Greater Power and Handling 3

Visual upgrades are never an exception. It would not be a Daehler-tuned BMW 128tii without changes in the body style. The Daehler 128tii gets an additional 10 horsepower for its new diffuser, side skirts, rear wing, and front splitter. This Daehler-tuned version of the 128ti also comes with forged ultra-lightweight wheels in Michelin Pilot Sport 4S.

If you are into that extra space of a hatchback and wanting to have some real fun behind the wheel, Daehler’s tuning kit might be for you.

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