[VIDEO] Striking BMW M4 in Fire Orange With Painted Stripes

BMW provides numerous customization options for its sports cars. This is evident in the online configurator for M models. The M4 G82 is a prime example. You can tailor this high-performance coupe with various aesthetic alterations. For instance, a top-tier build is showcased at Motorworld München, Germany.

Firstly, the car features the striking Fire Orange colour, one of the most distinctive shades of modern BMWs. This vibrant hue comes paired with a carbon fibre exterior package and M graphics, options available since last year. It’s glossy finish paint, not a decal attached to the body. Interestingly, this car has the previous iDrive 7, suggesting it was made before 2023. As of this spring, all new vehicles come standard with iDrive 8.

The painted stripes, referred to as M Grafik in Germany, add an extra €1,800 to the price. They are available in black, as seen here, or red. A fascinating detail is at the back. The primarily black trunk lid retains some original Fire Orange paint. It highlights the large “///M4” logo. The hood reinforces this by accentuating the model name. This shows that, for BMW, there is no such thing as too many badges or logos.

The German luxury brand plans a Life Cycle Impulse (LCI) for 2024, meaning the M4’s revamp is ongoing. The LCI version, already sighted, will feature sharper headlights. It will also lay the groundwork for a higher-performance CS version. Moreover, there are whispers that the xDrive model will boast increased power. The refreshed M4 is slated for production in July, setting the stage for a global premiere next spring.

Reports indicate that the G82’s production run is now extended until mid-2027.

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