[VIDEO] BMW M4’s 830 HP Thrill Ride on the Autobahn

Decades ago, automakers ignited the horsepower race. Yet, tuners today remain even more passionate about maximizing sports car performance. Fresh from the factory, this BMW M4 Coupe boasts over 500 horsepower in its Competition setup. Nonetheless, the owner aims to elevate the inline-six’s power, targeting supercar standards.

It might seem like a standard G82 from the exterior, but its twin-turbo 3.0-litre engine tells a different story. After a stage 3 upgrade, the S58 engine belts an astonishing 830 horsepower. Mosselman’s custom turbos also command a hefty 915 Newton meters (675 pound-feet) of torque.

While this coupe boasts rear-wheel drive, such power seems fit for an M4 with xDrive. Directing all this force to the rear wheels is exhilarating, provided one handles it expertly. Otherwise, a heavy foot on the accelerator could spell disaster.

The souped-up M4 Competition Coupe showcased blistering acceleration on an open Autobahn stretch. It clocked under five seconds from 62 to 155 mph and slightly above five seconds from 100 to 200 km/h.

At full throttle, it effortlessly touched 186 mph. The eight-speed ZF transmission managed the torque seamlessly. With a more efficient xDrive system, this enhanced G82 might be even quicker, but it’s undeniably a speed demon as is.

With its six-cylinder engine, this is arguably among the quickest street-legal cars. We appreciate the owner’s choice to retain its original look, making it somewhat of a sleeper.

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