LOOK: BMW M4 Pickup Truck Arrives At SEMA

BMW M4 pickup was first introduced in mid-September, and now the wild build has been (almost) finished by the talented folks from DinMann. The truck was originally a brand-new M4 Coupe, not a junked automobile, as is commonly the case with pickup conversions. With the hypothetical codename “G84” it now carries the name “M4Maloo”. The Bavarian pickup truck’s xDrive trim is based on the hotter Competition trim.

BMW has constructed special pickups in the past, which purists may find sacrilegious. The 2019 X7 pickup bed recalls the E92 M3 truck made as an April Fools’ Day hoax a decade ago. The E30 M3 was converted into a truck in 1986 and was used for various in-house hauling tasks until 2012.

A layer of paint protection film wraps around M4Maloo. The chrome blue PPF can repair itself and is easy to spot from a distance. STEK Automotive’s scratch-resistant, hydrophobic thermoplastic polyurethane gadget is on display at SEMA in Las Vegas.

The carbon fibre roof was preserved, and some new carbon components were added by DinMann. The M4 pickup, except for its mirror-like DYNOchrome finish, appears like something BMW would construct in-house as a one-off project for fun. M4Maloo looks great for a conversion that took its creators around six weeks to finish.

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