[Video] BMW M3 and M4 Drift Analyzer on Evo Magazine

BMW features the Drift Analyzer on the new BMW M3 and M4. It might be fun to test out for M3 and M4 owners and soon-to-be owners. The German automaker shows that they know their audience pretty well and how to make them have fun. Many are complaining about the coming new cars with an all-wheel-drive setup lately. And one of those arguments is that the new driving setup will not let them skid everywhere. The Drift Analyzer is available on both the new BMW M3 and M4. Steve Sutcliffe from Evo Magazine, decides to take the new M3 to try it out. Dive into more details from this new video from Evo.

That is not the case, as BMW fans, enthusiasts, or future owners can still go skidding, not unless talking about the Competition version. All of its production starting this July of 2021 will come in all-wheel-drive. For now, the base models of the M3 and M4 come in rear-wheel-drive with a manual gearbox.

This Drift Analyzer form BMW takes several variables before giving you a rating for your efforts. The parameter to collect include the angle and speed, and the distance as you spin the rear wheels. Its on-board computer displays your overall results and rates your performance out of five stars. In this video, Steve manages to make four and a half stars, which is pretty impressive.

Moreover, Steve points out the possible dangers of using the Drift Analyzer. It does seem fun to use on tracks yet, there might be some danger to hedges and fences. Many will surely want to try the feature out and not everyone is as responsible to keep it all good on the road. There are also things to consider and take note of with the several warnings in the iDrive sub-menus. Drivers must deactivate the DSC completely and take a few steps to use the Drift Analyzer. People should be thinking twice before trying to make it all fun and games, without risking a life or limb. Moreover, the Drift Analyzer is something to try when checking out an M3 and M4. Just proceed with caution for safety.

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