BMW M3 E46 in Wu-Tang Yellow Pearl With Cobalt Blue Candy

Painting your car a different colour is a definite method to give it a new look. DIY peelable paint retailer DipYourCar wanted to see how opposing colours would look, so they mixed black and white. Thanks to a viewer’s recommendation, the BMW M3 E46 was painted blue instead of its original yellow.

Wu-Tang Yellow Pearl was used as the basis, and Cobalt Blue Candy was applied on top to create an interesting green. The two colours work well independently, but others argue they shouldn’t be used together. Here, experts apply nine coats of blue paint over yellow, using three gallons of paint.

The vehicle’s colour deepened with each successive layer. Unfortunately, they could not get an even coat of paint throughout the body of the sports coupe. Considering it was only ever meant to be a prototype, the M3 E46 certainly doesn’t look terrible. Blending two opposing hues may have turned out far worse.

Ultimately, we’d still go with BMW’s factory-issued Oxford Green II Metallic paint job on the M3 E46. The lone green option from September 2000 through August 2004 was designated by the codename “430” and was, therefore, the only available. You don’t often see a green M3 E46, so if the guys at DipYourCar manage to maintain it looking this well, they’ll get a lot of attention. The newly applied paint makes the car appear virtually black; nevertheless, upon closer inspection, the surface is far from ideal. Still, mixing such contrasting hues as Wu-Tang Yellow Pearl and Cobalt Blue Candy must have been a lot of fun to play around with.

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