AC Schnitzer Takes the BMW M3 Touring to the Next Level

The BMW M3 Touring has received a long-awaited performance and aero kit from one of the top BMW tuning companies, AC Schnitzer. This kit is sure to impress, delivering an exciting driving experience with its impressive engine upgrade.

Under the hood, AC Schnitzer has increased power to 590 horsepower and 553 lb-ft of torque, making it almost as powerful as an M5. The Step II tune even boosts power to 610 horsepower, ensuring that the M3 Touring can perform with the best of them. Additionally, the car gets AC Schnitzer’s exhaust system, providing a deeper and louder tone than the standard exhaust. The pops and bangs associated with aftermarket exhausts for turbocharged cars are also included.

Visually, the AC Schnitzer kit offers a range of enhancements that are sure to turn heads. Highlights include the new carbon fiber front aero parts, such as a front splitter and canards, and carbon trim pieces for the front hood indents. The car features a new carbon fiber bumper insert that houses quad carbon-tipped exhaust pipes and a rear lip that visually lowers the rear end. The rear roof spoiler adds downforce and a sportier look to the vehicle.

Inside, the AC Schnitzer kit includes a new steering wheel with perforated leather and Alcantara, carbon fiber trim, and a 12 o’clock stripe. It also features carbon fiber paddle shifters and aluminum pedals, ensuring that the interior matches the high-performance exterior. AC Schnitzer also offers its popular wheel designs and two different suspension kits, including a simple lowering spring kit and a fully adjustable coilover kit, to improve the driving experience even further. Overall, AC Schnitzer has delivered exactly what fans of the BMW M3 Touring have been waiting for.

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