[VIDEO] The BMW M240i Turned into the 2022 BMW M2

The new BMW 2 Series, predominantly, is proving to be a popular design. It’s a greatly well-design but some enthusiasts complain about its rear end. It has some slightly unstable tail lights. However, some graphic designers have taken the plunge in trying to repair the car’s rear end. The 2022 BMW M2 is also part of their aim in which they imagine how it will look after this redesign. We get to see in this video how the 2022 BMW M2 could possibly look like when the BMW M240i’s rear end is in a new concept.

The taillight design is the first thing that TheSketchMonkey vlogger has changed. is easily the most common complaint among fans. The taillights on the standard BMW 2 Series are weirdly shaped. It also spaced too far apart. For this reason, the designer shortens and widens them in a sketch. This gives the entire rear end of the M240i more width and presence. It looks a little better than the standard car, even though it’s just a simple digital sketch.

He swaps out the side skirts for those from the BMW M3. Installs the quad exhausts of the M3 on the back. He also shortens the front end, which is an unusual part of the process. A more proper and sportier look of the BMW M2 surfaces after all these changes. What’s intriguing is the amount of work to make the 2 Series’ back end look like a pure M car. As you might want it to look, it’s just not as sporty-looking at the back yet.

Nonetheless, we can honestly live with a few wacky lines and bizarre tail lights after the uproar over BMW’s M3 and M4 grille designs. In fact, the new BMW 2 Series is a nice-looking little coupe. The 2022 BMW M2 is expected to be the same. Enthusiasts will be happy if BMW tweaked it a little, perhaps with its eventual LCI, but they’re also content with it as is.

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