[VIDEO] Harry Metcalfe weighs the BMW M2 CS

Harry Metcalfe is a respected man in the automotive sector over the years. Metcalfe is the founder of Evo Magazine. The Evo magazine is one of the well-known car magazines worldwide. It is safe to say that Metcalfe had his fair share for having seen, experienced, and driven cars over time. Harry began his own Youtube channel, sharing his insights on the most popular and latest models today. Moreover, in Metcalfe’s recent video, he shares his insights about the BMW M2 CS. Was he impressed by it? Check out for more details on Harry Metcalfe’s latest video of the BMW M2 CS from Harry’s Garage.

Ever since the baby M car came out, many journos from around the world gathered around the sweetheart. The BMW M2 CS has received a lot of praise. Evo magazine also crowned the M2 CS as the Car of the Year. Most of the comments on the M2 say it is the top M as of now but, what are Harry’s thoughts about it? The BMW M2 CS compared to the M2 Competition is a bit pricey as stated by Metcalfe.

The video gets more interesting as Harry pulls out a massive scale and weighs the BMW M2 CS. It weighed about 1,429 kilos. The M2 CS in the video is standard and did not have any optional stuff in it. It does not have carbon brakes and forged wheels that saved 90 kilos in total compared to the M2 Competition. Weighing 1,429 kilos is not that bad for a baby M car in 2021.

Another thing that Harry mentions is the steering wheel. He did not like the thick steering wheel, like from what we have heard from many. Even so, he enjoys the M2 CS gearbox and the feeling of it rowing through the gears. But what does Harry say about the price? Find out more in his video from Harry’s Garage.

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