[VIDEO] The BMW 128ti Deemed as the best FWD Hot hatch?

The new compact BMW 128ti appears to be delivering a good driving experience. Moreover, it is also one of BMW’s most unusual and, therefore, exciting new cars today. While the company is not famous for producing front-wheel drive cars, the 128ti appears to be one. But it takes on a higher version as a front-wheel drive hot-hatch that basically costs lower than a UK-based Volkswagen GTI.

The new BMW 128ti appears on the new video from Carwow this week. 128ti gains a lot of comments whether it can outperform others in the segment that it now belongs to. This is a test for one of BMW’s most interesting new performance cars.

Lacking the all-wheel drive of the M135i, the BMW 128ti is also less powerful compared to it. However, many still usually comment that it’s fun to drive. Compared to the 302 horsepower of the M135i, the 128ti only makes 265 horsepower. There is quite a difference although both use a 2.0-litre turbo-four engine. Nevertheless, the BMW 128ti gains a better driving position due to the model-specific tuning provided by BMW.

The BMW 128ti becomes the sharpest driving 1 Series with its redesigned steering, dampers, and front and rear suspension. CarWow exclaims how the result performance of the 128ti is surprisingly good. It is indeed impressive to witness how this first-time performer in this particular segment naturally stands out.

In the video, Mat Watson tested the BMW 128ti from 0-60 mph. The 128ti registered a 5.95 second run in a straight line. This is quicker than what BMW claims. What’s more impressive is that the recorded run was on a wet surface. Thus, the 128ti can do slightly better if it is on a dry surface, right? CarWow also claims its performance to be more than fast enough to be fun.

It is undoubtedly possible that the BMW 128ti is the best front-wheel drive hot hatch in its segment. In fact, the new 128ti gains a good review from Watson. Some car enthusiasts consider the 128ti to be a perfect competitor against the Volkswagen GTI. While this may be an insult for some BMW fans, it’s actually a quite high-standing recognition. This is a fact considering that the GTI has been the best overall hot hatch in the world since the 1980s.

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